Capability Enhancement and Development Scheme

Students at CDCRI are trained not only to gain a degree of a doctor but are exposed to a variety of programs carried out by the college for their all round development i.e. their physical, mental and professional development.

Soft Skill Development:

Soft skills are non-technical inter personal skills which represent our ability to communicate, work effectively and harmoniously with empathy with patients and at work place.

Objective: To train students to improve communication and interpersonal skills.

Yoga & Wellness Program:

Yoga and meditation are used as a healthcare tool since ages. Practicing yoga helps to improve both mental and physical well being of a person

Objective: To enable students to have good mental and physical health.

CDCRI has inducted a Yoga and Wellness program that has been carried out since last 5 years. Every year to mark the “International Yoga Day” on June 21st and to make students aware of the benefits of yoga, a session is organized by inviting external faculty to conduct the program.

Analytical Skill Development:

These skills refer to collect and analyze information, research, critical thinking, problem solving and making decisions.

Objective: To allow students to know the importance of logical reasoning, research, data analysis and critical thinking.

Research methodology workshop is organized each year for post graduate students that cover an array of topics that help them understand the basics of research and use of data software and analysis.

Personality and Professional Development program:

Improving oneself is a continuous process. It includes gaining skills as well as providing the right environment for the same.

Objective: To support students for their personality and professional development.

The institution organizes various Continuing Dental Education programs including lectures, demonstrations and hands on for both undergraduate and post-graduate students for their overall professional development. Each postgraduate student is taught use of SPSS software for planning their research. Along with physical and mental development, keeping into account the psychological well being of the students, program related to mental well being are organized each year. These programs help students build a positive attitude and help them cope up with stress. The institution invites eminent faculty to guide the students on various aspects of life and profession and coping with stress, tobacco cessation etc.

Human Value Development Program:

A doctor’s profession is a noble one. Therefore to instill moral values in students, each year a program is organized.

Objective: Integrate moral values in students.

Students are introduced to various human values as they should imbibe the good ones which will help them while interacting with patients, peers and society at large. The program includes interactive session with staff where in the staff sensitizes the students to various values and their importance and also students share their views via poster or video presentation or related activity.

Employability Skill Development Program:

Objective: Help them improve organizing skills and leadership qualities.

Induction Program: Orientation program helps fresh interns to be acquainted with qualities like team work, leadership qualities, communication skill, time management, task accomplishment to boost their overall confidence. Also they are acquainted with employability opportunities and required sills.

Basic Life Support Program: This includes training in basic life saving skills wherein students are trained to recognize and provide resuscitation in life threatening situations like cardiac arrest. On completion of course a BLS card is provided.

To make them social responsible, programs with social cause and public awareness like blood donation camp, dental camp for disabled, public awareness for oral hygiene and tobacco use through skits, posters, marathon, rangoli, slogan competitions are organized at regular intervals. Continuous involvement in such activities makes them socially sensitive and helps them in every sphere of their life.