Anti Ragging

Ragging is any disorderly conduct that has the effect of teasing or handling with rudeness any student, which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, harm to or raise fear in a junior so as to adversely affect the psyche of the junior.

Ragging in all its forms is strictly prohibited in and out of the campus. Ragging constitutes one or more of the following act:

  • Any verbal or written act which has effect of teasing, or treating with rudeness that affects mental health and self confidence of a student
  • Any act that generates a sense of shame, torment or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the psyche or physique of a student
  • Any act or physical abuse including physical assaults, sexual abuse, obscene gestures that can cause harm or danger to a student
  • Financial extortion or exploitation with regards to completion of academic tasks

CDCRI has a zero tolerance policy with regards to ragging. The institution has taken various steps toward making it a ragging free campus.

  • All undergraduate/ postgraduates seeking admission have to submit an Antiragging undertaking at the time of admission from student/parent/guardian as per Hon. Supreme court 2009 and DCI regulation (Annexure-II of section 12).
  • Newly admitted students are sensitized on ragging and their rights in First year orientation program.
  • The college makes arrangement for a program on “Measures for curbing the menace of Ragging in educational institutions” in the college conducted by DCI.
  • Antiragging report is sent to DCI half yearly as per the set guidelines
  • Anti-Ragging committee consisting of Dean, senior faculty members and student representative has been formed that monitors the campus, takes feedback from antiragging squad, wardens and other students to check for any untoward incidence.
  • Anti- Ragging squad consisting of staff members and conducts surprise raids in the hostel.
  • Members of mentors cell interact with junior and senior students regularly
  • The college campus is covered by CCTV to monitor any such activity
  • Consumption of alcohol has been banned within the college and hostel premises.

Objectives of Antiragging Committee:

  • To supervise and preserve a culture of ragging free environment in the college campus.
  • To design methods and plan for activities adopted by the college for curbing the menace of ragging.

Administrative action in the event of ragging:

  • A student can register a complaint or inform incidence of ragging in writing or verbally to any member of antiragging committee, antiragging cell or his/her mentor.
  • The authenticity and nature and gravity of complaint will be taken up by the antiragging committee.
  • An initial spot enquiry will be conducted and details of the incident will be collected
  • The committee will complete an enquiry and file a report.
  • If proven, the offender student will be subjected to action depending up the individual case.

Penalty for Ragging:

  • Suspension from attending classes
  • Expulsion from hostel and mess facilities
  • Expulsion from the college
  • Rustication from the institution/Cancellation of admission


SNPostName DesignationPh.No.
1ChairmanDr. Hema SuryawanshiDean, CDCRI8669155941
2Member Secretary-1Dr. Nagarathna PJHOD, Pedodontics9986889525
3Faculty MemberDr. Rajdeep SinghHOD, Oral Surgery7587101121
4Faculty MemberDr. Abhijeet DeoghareHOD, Oral Diagnosis9630821579
5Faculty MemberDr. Piyush KhandelwalReader, Orthodontics9993622224
6Faculty MemberDr. Megha JainProfessor, Orthodontics9163633838
7Faculty MemberDr. Babita PawarHOD, Periodontics9819893181
8Faculty MemberDr. Satyendra JhaReader, Oral Diagnosis9340366154
9Student RepresentativeMs Muskan PahwaStudent9304815035
10Student RepresentativeMs Sarthak MishraStudent7809524533


SNPostName DesignationPh.No.
1ChairmanDr. Hema SuryawanshiDean, CDCRI8669155941
2Member Secretary-1Dr. Nagarathna PJHOD, Pedodontics9986889525
3MemberDr. Babita PawarHOD, Periodontics9819893181
4MemberDr. Satyendra JhaReader, Oral Diagnosis9340366154
5MemberDr. Onkar K. GanorkarReader, Conservative8806840529
6MemberDr. Suraj MultaniHOD, Public Health8319971481
7MemberDr. Rohit BiranjanSr. Lect., Oral Diagnosis7972831694