Department of Prosthodontics including Crown & Bridge

The department mainly deals with the replacement of missing teeth and associated structure and thus serves the oral health needs of people by restoring the function of teeth.

The department is well equipped with full-fledged laboratory with all sophisticated equipment and material like induction casting machines, porcelain furnaces and sand blasters. There is separate pre-clinical lab for undergraduate and post graduates where the laboratory procedures and technical works are taught. The pre-clinical lab consists of modern tables attached with micro motors and air motors.

The department deals with routine denture work like complete dentures, removable partial denture and fixed partial denture including cast partial denture, prosthesis for cleft palate and other developmental deformities. Clinical section is well equipped with enough chair for both undergraduate and staff , separate post graduation section with all sophisticated instruments.

The department is having experienced professor and other teaching staff who are giving excellent training to the students and providing oral health services to the public.

Our Senior staff :

Dr. Shailendra Kumar SahuProfessor & HOD