Department of Conservative & Endodontics

Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics aim in diagnosing the disease and treat the defects of teeth to maintain its proper tooth form, function and esthetics.

Department has well equipped clinical working area with separate cabins, separate lab for undergraduate and post graduate, RVG with X-ray units, surgery room, well equipped seminar hall, library, PG room and separate staff room for professor and readers.

Department also comprises of all advanced equipments like Endodontic microscope, Endomotor, Electronic apex locators, Thermoplasticized Gutta Percha, Micro endodontics surgery kit, VLC units, Bleaching unit, Hu friedey hand instruments, advanced Rotary systems, Front loaded autoclave, Hand piece sterilizer, Instrument retrieval kits. Department has also well equipped own Dental Ceramic lab.

It has conventional as well as advanced restorative materials and technique which is provided to patients by the students and staff members. Apart from this we have advanced treatment modalities like management of traumatizied teeth, avulsion cases, peri-apical surgery and bleaching.

Our Senior staff :

Dr. Baljeet Singh HoraProfessor & HOD