Department of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry

The Department of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry deals with growth and development of the child in general with special emphasis on orofacial development, prevention and treatment of the dental diseases of child patient. Both the parents and patients are educated and motivated to actively take part in our planned programme.

The department which has been complimented by almost all including the D.C.I. (Dental Council of India) Inspectors has a unique set up where every child enjoys the treatment. It is well furnished with all modern equipments such as cordless light cure unit, amalgamator etc. for the management and treatment of various oral problems.

Department also encompasses separate playing room – Pedo Park with the toys, sliders, sea saw etc, aquarium, audio-visual aids (TV, DVD) as well as a separate oral hygiene instruction room. In a first dental visit patient is taken to “Pedo Park” where the anxiety, fear & apprehension is reduced as the child is involved in playing and other activities. There is a separate desensitization room where audio-visual aids like cartoon movies, health awareness documentary (how to brush? How to keep teeth clean? ) are shown.

All the Post Graduation section dental chairs are equipped with mini screen T.V.s which makes the child more enthusiastic to sit on the dental chair and get the treatment done. The department is also equipped with separate RVG (X-Ray) room & minor operation theatre where special cases are treated. Minor operation theatre has special attraction i.e. ceiling mounted T.V. which makes child more attractive and comfortable on the dental chair.

The faculty members are actively involved in training undergraduate and post graduate students.

Our Senior staff :

Dr. Nagarathna P. J.Professor & HOD